Hey, you ?


[ Illustration: Ritchelly Oliveira ]


I imagine you as a cloud drifting in my shirt pocket.

Not forming a relationship with you, will forever, be a pang of guilt and a small jug filled with relief.

You occupy my drunk-thoughts and lonely afternoons.

The cold comfort of your hugs, I shall never forget. The small corner, my home, in that infinitely big embrace. Where I opened the bottle filled with all my love, agony, pain and sadness like a champagne, uncorked.

I left some part of me in you, every time I hugged you.

If words could ever convey what they are meant to, know that I’m sending words in ships and planes to you all wrapped in the gifting paper of warm love. Every envelope enclosed with my kiss.

You occupy my soul and that’s all.



5 thoughts on “Hey, you ?

  1. what *they are meant to.
    And, ❤️


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