Sighed Mornings.

I don’t like mornings. The first thing after I wake up is to grope around for the brightness option, if only I could reduce to goddamn zero. There is too much light in the world anyway.

I woke up at 5:30 AM. I was frustrated and a bit annoyed. The buzz in my head, the radio searching for a frequency. I was really annoyed.

Seeing no possibility of further sleep, I stepped out from my bed. Sleep is my break between thoughts. I don’t have long breaks. Most of the times sleep squeezes itself into my body.

Feeling a bit romantic, I peered through the window. The faint noise of early mornings. The sunlight hadn’t kissed the morning dew yet.

I put on my shoes and stepped out in to the road. Like a rusty bicycle, my bones began to squeak when I started walking.

Sucking in the light morning air, I walked slowly, my mind slowly dying down. The morning rays were gently waking up the trees and flowers. The wind murmuring the secrets of the night to them. Trees, laughing. A few sparrows circled the shrubs.  There were little puddles everywhere . Little flies were floating in them gleefully.

The  newspaper vendor, smoking a cigarette, driving his old car , hurriedly shuffled away newspapers towards the verandas of houses. Multi-tasking.
I smiled a bit inside.

I could smell the cold dampness of the soil. The earth was wrapped in the blanket of wetness. Holding it ever so tightly to its chest. The sunshine was making the fog disappear, from my mind.

Near a small flower, I saw something nibbling away. A small brown puppy. It had perky ears like of a fox. I do not know who was more excited to see each other. We ran towards each other like forlorn lovers. He came near my legs and I patted him. He started leaning on his hind legs. His ears twitched with the breeze. We started walking together. He nibbled at plants and anything that moved, much to the displeasure of some flies. I stopped ,he came and hugged my legs.

I kept on walking, making my way through puddles. Reflections.

I bent down and rubbed under his ears. He closed his eyes. Nirvana.

The road bent towards my house. He came close and licked my foot. Then he ran back. He didn’t turn his head back, he didn’t give me the last look.

I sighed and let go of my breath.The sun shone brightly and I squinted.


[ Artwork by Aleia Murawski ]




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