Amour fou.

[Artwork by Jo In Hyuk]

[Artwork by Jo In Hyuk]

Although she was standing right next to me, the room was suffocating. We were alone in the room and we could hear the music blasting in the party downstairs. I hated parties, my brother forced me to go with him. I was drinking the shitty alcohol that he gave me. ‘Have fun!’ he said. He is now high as fuck and dancing like Elvis downstairs. Shame.

The lights go out. There is a huge sigh and someone shouts ‘Power cut ‘ from downstairs. I’m completely blind now. I move a little towards my right and I stumble over a chair. I fall on her. She is against the wall and I seem to be pushing her against it. The moonlight came from the window and I could see her black eyes staring back at me. I don’t blink. I could feel her hot breath on my face. Her body is vibrating with energy and I could feel it. My body refused to move. I pushed her gently towards the wall and I could see her eyes close and a sly smile on her face. My hands go around her slim waist as she heaved. My hands go underneath her T-shirt and I touch her bare waist. She shudders and pierces her nails on my chest in passion. Her heart was beating like the bass rich music downstairs. I move my hands and gently glide it to her upper back. She touches my scruffy face with her fingers and places her palm near my jaw bone. I draw lines on her upper back with my nails, straight lines. She digs her nails on my back and it slightly pains. Euphoria. I take my left hand out from the back of her T-shirt and I take my hand to her forehead. I slither down and I close her eyes gently. I touch her nose and she gives a squeal. I trace her lips and I take my hand and pull her hair. Her bare neck is visible to me. Vulnerable. She presses her body to mine and guides my head to her neck. I brush my lips to her neck and she moans in passion. I take my right hand out of the back of her T-shirt and touches the back of her neck. I trace the veins in her neck using my lips and she writhes. I bite the side of her neck and leaves a red meteor crash spot there. I touch her cheek with my beard and she looks into my eyes. Those dark fathomless eyes.  I guide my lips to the back of her ear and kiss it softly. My lips go to her outer ear lobe and I gently bite. She clutches my chest in fury. Our foreheads meet and we both look at each other. Heavy breaths, warm bodies. “Kiss me” she whispers into my ear. I see her pouting lips, I lean forward. Surge of light, bright white light hit my eyes. It’s paining and I close my eyes. I turn around, the lights are back on. My brother is standing to right beside the door.

‘How was the high? ’ asked my brother.
‘Did you have a nice trip? ’
‘I slipped a pill in your drink’

He is grinning .He turns around and walks off.

I turn back towards her and I’m holding wafts of smoke. Ecstasy.


2 thoughts on “Amour fou.

  1. It was more beautiful when you read it out.


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