The Man Who Couldn’t Cry


Right here in this very place
Stood a man, staunch and tall .
A man , a Man .

His lover died ,
her body in the coffin ,
he touches her forehead,
Pale and dead .

He holds her head close to his ,
No giggling , no laughing .
He doesn’t cry ,
He can’t cry .

World has turned ugly,
the moon has fallen down .
He stares at the round white cake,
He doesn’t cry ,
He can’t cry .

He tries to walk ,
to tread on this unruly world .
He falls into a ditch ,
Quick-sand .

He moves his hands ,
he kicks his heavy legs .
He is going down,
Mother earth, here I come .

At last he gives up ,
His neck beneath the sand.
He doesn’t cry,
He can’t cry .

His head in the sand now ,
He breathes, mud .
He suffocates and death .

Thus ends the story of
the man who couldn’t cry .
Seeing this , Mother Earth is sad .
She weeps and laments ,
Rain and thunder .

Finally, he cries .


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