You do , do You ?

Come closer and hear my melody .

Come closer and hear my melody .

She has this noodles like hair . You caress it , you hold it , it responds . Often her hair dances with the wind . It has a life of it’s own .

She rests her face on my neck and smiles at me . Her teeth-Braces shine forth . I gently stroke her fluffy, curly hair and my hand gets lost in it . A Dark forest and my hand- Christopher Columbus . Her hair , a thousand sonnets .

I place my fingers on her forehead ; cold . I trace her nose with my fingers and gently embrace her thin lips .  She smiles at me . I move my hands towards her neck , she leans towards me . I feel her breathing on my face , heavy breathing . We move closer , I clench her forearms . I look at her eyes and I see the universe . Fiery and alive . We inch closer .

Our lips meet . We start to kiss passionately . I hold her neck towards me . Lips to lips , tongue to tongue . Like two snakes on top of each other , our tongues dance with each other , glides over one another .  I taste her braces , taste of steel . I’m getting used to  liking the taste of steel , I whisper and she laughs holding her little belly.

The moon-light shines upon her . I gaze at her and she asks why do I stare at her and I say because she’s beautiful . I fondle her pink nose and she twitches . I hold her against my body, feel the warmth , I enjoy the unity of two bodies , two souls .

She’s poetry in motion .

With her , I’m a poet . I’m Shakespeare and Rumi , Basho and Shelly .


One thought on “You do , do You ?

  1. yes I do, every time I read it…every time


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