One Big Little Queer World !

Calvin : The philosophical Genius

Calvin : The philosophical Genius

Welcome to earth my friend , lo ! a wonderful planet !

Everyday I look in and around myself and find that the world is becoming stranger and stranger every moment . We live in a strange world :

Where we have to pay tax just to live on this planet . Clearly, the apex of absurdity . We have to pay for living in this planet . Bloody What ??

Where education system is the worst of the millennium . From time unknown, the rote learning prevailed and prevails . Mug up something, by-heart the answer to the core , vomit onto the answer paper without even understanding the basic concept.

The person with the longest memory holding capacity wins the race , whereas the “weaklings” perish !! Woof !! Behold our education system !

Where more money is spent on War and Defense , rather than in eradicating poverty .

Where beauty is defined by society .

Where 80 % of the resources are held by the elite 10% of the people , where the rich walks miles to digest  his food and the poor walk miles begging for some food. Oh ! the irony !

Where film stars are paid more than teachers and doctors combined .

Where people have 2500 friends on Facebook and not 2 friends to frankly talk to in real life .

Where rudeness is seen as strength and crying a sign of weakness.

Where cosmetics promises and guarantees to make you more fairer , so that you can “rise” in your life .

Just observe the world around you . Don’t judge , just observe .


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  1. perhaps,,,oneday


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