Zombie Apocalypse Is Here !

No, I’m not going to reveal the plot of World War Z .

Yesterday I was standing outside a college in my city , sipping tea from the near by Chaiwala .
My mission here was to wait outside the college and check out the hot chicks , after the class of-course .

The bell rang , off came a herd of lads and lassies , head down staring at a screen on their hands .
I was stunned , it was just like watching a Science fiction robot-are-our-future movie .

They were ambling out of their classes , looking on to their smart-phones. All were just walking so mechanically, few colliding with others and some others stumbling onto pillars and seemingly innocent walls.

Brains..Arghhh..*scrolls down *

Brains..Arghhh..*scrolls down *

Some liking their own Facebook status , someone tweeting how boring their classes were , many catching upon Bollywood  masala and controversies, geeks debating on how the new android OS is going to submerge Apple’s iOS forever, a group of boys amused by the latest Sunny Leone porno .

Ah ! All hell has broken lose upon on the smart-phones .

Phones are becoming smart , Are we ?

Conversations are a tad hard nowadays , with our friends checking their phone every minute . We would have to paste their phones on our forehead, just so that they notice us and acknowledge our mortal existence .

This thought-provoking video by zen-pencil’s Marc Moron has some  enlightening insight.


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