A love-affair with life.

I'm Flyingggg !

I’m Flyingggg !

When  you look around , there is nothing .
Well If you agree with me , you must be blind, dumb and deaf . Simply speaking ,dead.

Just look around .Pure energy . Take a Deep Breath and quieten that mind of yours. Chitter- Chatter , Bak-Bak .

Stop. Freeze.

Breath for a second. Breath in by your big belly .

Read a book.

Listen to great music.

Hug a loved one. Feel the warmth.

Feast your eyes on great paintings ,photographs.

Talk to kids about their favourite superhero.

Send a thank-you note your Mom , She carried you for 9 months in her belly . That’s Something .

G0 out for a ride .

Dance like nobody’s watching .

Have you ever danced truly ? Letting your body flow with music , with its beats .
Have you ?
I don’t mean the organized dance you see on soaps on TV . No , not that one .

Pump up the music ,

Dance like a river. Jump. Scream . Move your hands. Thump your feet . Feel the dance flowing through body, let all emotions turn into dance – love,hatred, joy, your ex .

Dance like the world is going to end . Dance so crazily , so insanely like you love the world and everybody in it.

Dance your way to existence.

Finally let the dance transcend you to Ecstasy and I will meet you there , my wonderful friend.


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