Beautifying Death .

I missed you so much .

I missed you so much .

Just I was exploring the ways around a gorge , I saw a hill , just a little short of being called a mountain .  It looked Majestic . As I was poetically admiring the pristine beauty of this hill , my cycle , she gave a jerk citing me to take her there.

I knew she was pumped , from the moment she saw the hill. So steep , such awesome speed . Who knows ?, I might cross the speed -barrier and time travel .

I felt all charged up like an electric rod , my blood was furiously moving through my veins to her metallic body . She was roaring to go.

The handle trembled with excitement and unbridled enthusiasm , the sight of the hill was visual orgasm to both of us .

I slowly walked with her , climbing , perspiring . Air became lighter , a little difficult to breath , Challenging .

I reached the top of the hill after a 30-minute trek . It is worth it , I knew.
I saw the whole valley from there , houses , so small , you could hide with your fingers.
White mist completely covered the moss filled hill .

I peered down the slope , death greeted me with a smirk .

I got to the summit  and sitting on the seat of my cycle. I  contemplated my life.  Cowardice was the only adjective I could prize myself.
This is the last time , i thought and smiled .

I placed her on the steep , taking in the air , filling my lungs . I felt a chill. I let go of her brakes . She hissed and moved along . Slowly I gained speed . The steepness got the better of her , she was accelerating now . Little by little , I was losing control over her .  It felt good.

I moved my shoulders voraciously to control her . No luck .
I knew I was well above 60 kph now.
Even the mighty wind was pushing , I felt so light . He whispered into my ears “woooooooh ” . Cold .

She came like an avalanche now . I had been in too much trains to know that I was going well past 90 kph .
Exhilarating  , I feel so much alive now . This is life , I mused.

She was moving so fast .  My side-views were just running images , to fast to comprehend . Green , yellow, Green. Colors

Suddenly , I hear a thump sound . My cycle crashing against something solid , morbid . I felt the jolt and I was jerked from my seat , I lost the grip on the handle.

I was in the air . Flying . Falling . I saw my front tire , all crumbled and shapeless .
It felt like an eternity , I was floating, gravity was doing his best . I waggled my hands and legs like a dog.
Time had slowed down . A sudden glimpse of flight , freedom from this mortal world .
I felt like a monk , so peaceful . I knew i was falling and I was going to die . Yet fear did not get hold of me .
I was enthralled , mortified , petrified , confused , dazzled . A concussion of emotions .

This what birds feel everyday , I thought .

I saw the ground , so raw and pure. It was fast approaching , way too fast . A thumping sound , motionless I fell on the ground , A wreck .

I knew I was dying , young .
I felt genuinely happy for the first time in life , not a coward anymore.

Blood oozed from everywhere .
And I lie on the ground,  hair over my face ,dead , Grinning at the world . I won .


2 thoughts on “Beautifying Death .

  1. How was this heroic? How was this not cowardice?


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