Who am I ?

You are super !

You are super !

Standing in the shower for 54 minutes makes your body a little numb , sponge-like , sunken in .

ah ! Showering ! One of the most beautiful things man discovered !

Most philosophical questions arise while showering ( to me , at least ) . Such Serenity , such pristine beauty. Peace , detached from the outer world, just water and you .

Water dropping on your skin , plop ! plop ! Working through your hair flawlessly . Do you see the beauty in it ?
Next time you shower , just observe and feel . You will never get out of shower , trust me !

Opposite of the shower , stands a mirror. Reflecting , no lies.
I looked at myself in the mirror , naked , water drooping all over me .

And I asked the most philosophical question a man can ask (in fact every person has asked this question in some point of their life ) . Who Am I ?

It’s a very powerful questions. Three words , shakes your ground , trembling i looked at myself in the staring mirror.

Who in the world am I ?
Am I just a name ?
Am I just a body ?
Am I just a physical manifestation of a well-organized chemical structure ?

And I kept to staring into my fathomless black eyes .

The room closed in on me , crushing me .
I saw a boy running , just running like on a tread-mill going nowhere and he began drowning into the sand , crying and yelling , at-last I saw his hand above the sand  , last call for help.

I realized it had been me who was drowning and It had been I who was witnessing .

Running from fears . Running and yelping for help.

Slowly, a rumble in the sand , a small earth-quake . Two hands protruded, uneasy,  pointing to heaven . Mouth full of dirt , barely opening his eyes muffled with sand I saw the same boy fighting the sand , thrashing with all his might and shouting . His face covered with sand , yet he fought , beating the sand with his fist , his forearms. Agony . A sudden spurt of courage , an instinct to live. He kicked his legs out of the sand , he stood on top of it , yelled , his throat sore. ‘ I’m courage , I’m Life .

Suddenly my body went limb. Bliss ,over my life.  I jumped off the room , ran into the  street , naked and laughing , like a madman.

ah ! Hmm..Meditate on this question.. Who Am I (while showering of course ) Share your answers here.

And I end with a famous quote

“There are two kinds of  people in the world , those who pee in their showers and others , bloody liars ”


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