The day I gave a love-letter to a girl !

Howdy guys ? How is life ? Topsy-Curvy eh ?

In may 2013 , I had given a ‘love-letter’ to a girl ( it was a letter of adoration really)  , let’s call her Miss Ayn ( not real name, duh ! ).

Well..This was my expectation

Well..This was my expectation

She was standing in the bus-stop and I followed her and when I got close to her, I slipped my letter unto her hand and ran like there was a blast behind me , there was a blast, next day.

You should have seen HER response , it’s awfully funny . Still I laugh, when I remember how she shouted at top of her voice , chiding me . Grilling that I really enjoyed .

Though not a word she said  hurt me ,except her unruly statement ‘ I don’t think , you wrote this letter ‘.

Now this was personal , too damn personal .

I had made a draft for the love-letter and it here it lies.  —–


You are a very fascinating being to me , miss Ayn. The way you tilt your head side-to-side , unable to find that perfect angle you are looking for , fascinates me .

I wonder , when you look at yourself in the mirror , do you often get stuck at your own  image , unable to move your eyes from your image. If I were you , I would probably look at myself for the whole day. For you are one of god’s finest crafts , by holy cow , your chromosomes have beautifully indeed.

When I see you , I’m just awe-struck and I’m gently reminded that indeed god is the most creative being in the world and the whole world’s a puppet for him.

This is not a love letter, for these words are spoken by  my heart , which I never had or will have , to say looking at those big, beautiful eyes .

The way you play with your pen , moving it around ,excites me , it reminds me of gentle playfulness . The way you sit down, the way you stand has an admiringly striking art , for I’m no artist or critic to judge.

For the thing is , you are one of the most fascinating being I have laid eyes upon, I’m awe-struck, I just freeze and gaze at the god’s playful work, such sheer beauty.

No, this is not a love-letter , for I’m not a lover nor a whiner , this is but a gentle reminder about how splendid you look , how you make my everyday go round and round.

Your sense of style rotates me , it’s very appealing . You are a very gracious woman , for every of your action is exquisite . My god, even the movement of your hand is such a beautiful art .

I could gazing at you forever , you know for my eyes would never get tired , never bored .Thy will be blessed with showers from heaven .

The way your hair flutters in the unseeingly thin air , the way you adjust , it’s very very godly .

Never have I felt such a strong emotion , like a magnetic field.

I’m a no-man in physical strength or masochistic looks nor have I awesome killer attitude.
I’m just a fool , a fool in love with you , for you are my earth-angel , ever-shining.

When you looked at me yesterday , my heart sank , like titanic , it knew the fathomless end of adoration .

What are you really ? Are you Medusa , whose eyes have the power to turn a man into stone ? are you ?

and there was also more written , alas ! I lost that page .

This was it . An explosion was expected. She came near me , 4 chairs across (that near ) and looked at me so pathetically, soon I was covering my head with a newspaper.

She was all-flared up , her face red with anger . Oh !

Like a song , she went on criticizing the letter and I don’t even remember her words , I was pondering over her face .  I must have been a blind guy infatuated with teenage romance, I kept staring at her , and as the words flared , her beauty began to dissipate before me , certainly she was not Medusa, not even a Seduca !

In the end , i heard her saying that she already had a boy-friend. and boy , was that an experience. ha such pristine beauty losing under the fire of anger for a single letter of adoration . Hmm..

It was an experience indeed.


2 thoughts on “The day I gave a love-letter to a girl !

  1. dude..everything is for a greater purpose


  2. Ah only you can do this cum 😀 Love it ^_^ I feel bad for her though to lose someone like you 😛


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