Marriage ? ?

in the face.

in the face.

“Love, n. Temporary insanity curable by Marriage ” _ Ambrose Bierce (The Devil’s Dictionary )

One of the significant things that is set to change within 10 years from now on , will be the concept of marriage.

It’s  not about whether it is right or wrong , it is about whether it works or not.

Surfing 12th September’s Hindu newspaper, I noted an article which stated ‘one of 5 men in India subjected their wives to physical abuse.’ I noticed the abuse, swearing and beating of women in this country. I was helpless. Not anymore. Unlike their counterparts in U.S or in Europe , women are repressed in this country . Just looking at the morning newspaper to read the news of gruesome rapes , shudders me.

In India, the concept of marriage is just a legal bonding , I understand , authorized by government to legalize sex. Bluntly speaking .

Photos of couples with fake smiles adore their walls . A pact , simply a pact between a couple : you suffer me , I suffer you.

Arrange Marriage ? are you living in 1736 ?

It just seems so ridiculous to me. You marry a guy/girl , you’ve never seen before.

How fucking ridiculous is that ?

Fathers loot the bank and send his daughter off. It’s pure business , the terms are , with a few pounds of gold , you get a girl FREEE !! Voila !

I believe marriages should never be a liability to anyone , One should leave their spouse when they wish to leave them , no strings attached . Our society is in the verge of ‘conscious evolution’ , it’s not how , it’s about when .

Ideas and opinions expressed here are purely personal , if there is any resemblance to any characters, it’s deliberate .


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