Oh A cat-a-holic !

His Highness

His Highness

Cats !

Yeah, that fluffy furry creature which slyly moves along the walls.

According to me , it is majestic , perhaps one of the Nature’s most wondrous creatures .

Cats represent freedom and free-will. We cannot command or order a cat to play with us, even to eat their own food. As the famous quote goes “Man proposes ,cats  disposes ”

He is selfish , he can be ruthlessly mean and stupendously adorable.

The most intriguing thing with cats are : we (humans..dugh !) do not know if we are their masters or we their slaves. Perhaps Cats think they are too awesome to be handled by a human who only possess one life .

Internet is brimming with pictures of cats and it’s phenomenal .

Cats are incredible and unpredictable . They fact, they don’t give a shit about us and shows no emotions makes them a wonder to mankind and they are fervently revered.

You can define poise , you can define curves , you can define attitude when a cat stops and stares at you. It’s life defining , perhaps no other animal has such a strong staring strength as one cat possess , they will look down your eyes , into your soul and question your existence.

And when it slyly slithers around your hairy legs, you may know heaven .

I bet Lions and other canines would probably be jealous of Cats . So much adored, so much loved by us humans.

Due it’s disloyalty , it has attracted huge attention .
Just like when  someone ignores you , you try to get their attention , it’s the same with the cats , except they ignore you 24×7

Cats are fine creatures , you know it when you touch their stomachs , it’s like small ‘purring machine ‘ . Purrr..Purr…

I wish to be cat in my next birth, living my life , choosing my own way, adored, having your pictures taken and put up on internet , while teenage girls ‘awwwwwwsss’ on it. Awesome .


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