Up, Up And Above….

Howdy Guys ? Enjoying life ? I’m livin my amazing life.. I would like to dedicate this poem to my wonderful friends who give their full support to me 24/7. …. You rock my life guys..This poem can be a little of the track for you.. When u read this poem try and close ur eyes and see the things…Love you Guys….

Up, Up and Above

Elephant One – Eyed,

Bulidings Upside down,

Dragons breathing cows,

Up a goes a holed  balloon

Eagle wearing a sun-glass,

A pistol shoot trees,

A Winged Tailless Lion ,

Mr.Potter with his broomstick

Goblins laughing loud,

Devil Dancing Salsa,

A Long Pointed Nose,

Titanic Emerges From Sea

Unicorn with 8 legs

books floating  high

 Spider with a crooked smile

Big hare looking surprised

Alas !  These wonderful

and amazing Creations

Are nothing  a lot

But Mere clouds afloat.



One thought on “Up, Up And Above….

  1. hm awesomeee improve


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