RunninG Chocolates ..

Hi guys, A Hi after a long time huh ? ha ! then all the X guys must have got their results and I  was jolted when my CGP shined with 9.

Ha !! To the Sub , This is a true incident compressed into a poem. Thinking about this incident makes a huge laugh out my stomach. The two kids described here are Me and Sreekuttan of our school.Childhood was awesome !

Running   Chocolates

  Two lads in school

      Pretending to be cool

         Packed with Naughtiness

           Everyone Suspected that & this

           One day,

    A birthday came by

A close friend of theirs

Bought lot of  chocolates

Chocolate lava Brimmed

Yet Unsatisfied

They wanted it all

Greed smacked them hard

In recess

Quietly they swept in

Took all chocolates

Amateur theives they were.

Ate some

Some slayed in their bags

Bell rang fast

The big birthday boy came in.

He inspected his bag

He was thunderstruck

Searched in every nook & corner

He was hell shocked.

Eyes rolled to the duo,

They were missing

Ran Before he even

checked his bag.

They ran fast

With their wholesome bags

Filled & full of

The Yummiest chocolates.

One of them gazed back

A crowd of kids was behind

Yelling them to stop

Right there and now.

They ran as hard

as they could

Stamina betrayed them

And Finally were caught.

Children bet them up

 The thieves cried,

Moaned and cried

For Forgiveness and Help

After the incident

Me and my friend

Never became friends

With greed again

As we very well know now

Greed is Neither right

Greed is Neither wrong.

You will get punched

Straight and middle

Of your Ugly Face.



6 thoughts on “RunninG Chocolates ..

  1. Dear akshay,
    it’s a great misery….. any how…..nice narration…… excellent on your age….all the best


  2. Really nice one! love ur poems Ak!


  3. The last line s really TRUE man!!:-D


  4. LOL CUM!! you are so bad at bad things :*


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