Bus Stop Romance ..

You were standing alone

In the bus stop

I saw you lone

You didn’t see me

You were beautiful, Oh yeah !

Magical, wonderful, Oh yeah !

I was wonderstruck !

My heart skipped a beat ..

Kept on gazing you

Oh ! Beautiful sunrise

You lightened up my day,

Stars were in her eyes.

Green eyes were twinkling.

Red cheeks were fumbling.

Sharp nose was pointing.

Sweet lips gleaming .

You turned quick !

And paused a moment

When you saw me,

Flashed a smile.

I fell down there.

Music was playing.

Violins were in the air

Fragrance swept flying

Shall I talk ?

Should I meet ?

But can I do it ?

I asked myself.

I was upstairs

Started showing hands

To get your attention

Oh ! In vain !

At once you saw me

I went down quick !

Met you so slow

And Your name casted a Spell

All I knew was that

My heart was now yours

I had fallen in love

and Broke my bones.



2 thoughts on “Bus Stop Romance ..

  1. “I had fallen in love
    and Broke my bones.”

    Beautiful man!!


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