The Exam Hall !!

This poem was written during the Hindi Pre-board exams @ Feb 2011. U might be thinking I didn’t write anything on the answer sheet,  😛

It must be surprising for you guys to hear that there was time left after completing Hindi exam !  WEll Nothing , Blsoutely nothing is impossible for me !

The Exam Hall !!

In the exam hall

I know nothing at all

Sitting in vain

Please, Work Brain !!

30 questions in total,

Actually I’m in a different portal

Numbers seem to fly

Words seem to cry

Pictures flying away

There goes a balloon

Come back, I say !

And it flies away and away

Second seem like hours !

Angels flying around,

Each in extreme slowness

I was in stern tireness

I will not cheat I say !

I say, I will not !

I would  die with honour

Rather than living without it



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