Friday Beauty.

Hola Guys !

Howz Life ? Boring summer vacations here…

This a Poem I wrote in 9th class and My first one..

Friday Beauty.

One day in school

Friday it was cool

Sun was shining bright

I was losing my sight

Something Quick went through

I didn’t know who

I followed and followed

And found I was fooled

In the lunch, I saw it again

This time clear and plain

A girl charming like gold

I was struck like a football

Cute face,sharp nose

Green eyes and a

beautiful smile made

her charming so

After the school,

I was under her rule

I could not study,

I could not play kabaddi

Sleep slept away

Thinking was my way,

All I could think nice

Was a cute Little face

Next day, in the school,

Near the pool

I saw her again

staring in the water in vain

I went to her

with a flower

I knelled before

like a sorcerer

Wake Up ! Wake up !

someone called

Until I knew

It was my mother

In the morning,

In the bed,

Dreaming of the

Friday Beauty



2 thoughts on “Friday Beauty.

  1. nyc.. da…… write some more poems…. explore ur talents


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